(o la bellissima decadenza del Sud Italia)



La mia Torino

There is no such thing as impersonal photography. Each shot you take -even the most abstract one- somehow describes your personality, your attitudes and, eventually, your life.

As a consequence, this collection of pictures does not reflect in any kind of way how Torino really is. It simply describes part of what Torino -I mean, the city as a whole- has been to me in the last three years: fairs, elegant squares and courtyards, the slow and steady flow of river Po, the frantic traffic near the city centre, the night strolls.

A Foggy Night

The way in which weather influences our mood and behaviour is quite striking. The same applies to images: each subject may give an entirely different feeling depending on light and environmental conditions.

This shot has been taken on a really foggy night. The result, differently from my previous works on the subject, is rather ‘ghostly’ and cold.

A Foggy Night
A Foggy Night

Central Perspective #3

This photograph portraits the historical building of the Polytechnic University of Turin seen from the river Po. Formerly a residence of the Royal House of Savoy, dating back to around 1650, it is now enlisted amongst UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

As you might easily notice, this is one of my favourite subjects!

Castello del Valentino
Castello del Valentino