Central Perspective #5 – Amalfi

Bright sun, sea, central convergence. One of your closest friends.

It keeps on snowing here, though.



La mia Torino

There is no such thing as impersonal photography. Each shot you take -even the most abstract one- somehow describes your personality, your attitudes and, eventually, your life.

As a consequence, this collection of pictures does not reflect in any kind of way how Torino really is. It simply describes part of what Torino -I mean, the city as a whole- has been to me in the last three years: fairs, elegant squares and courtyards, the slow and steady flow of river Po, the frantic traffic near the city centre, the night strolls.

Central Perspective #1

Even though it may sound strange at first, one must admit that almost anything looks better if shot with a central perspective. There’s something special about the convergence of lines which, putting the observer at ease, conveys incredible harmony and elegance.

Here’s one shot of one of the tubes connecting the various spheres of the Atomium, in Brussels: not a particularly beautiful subject in itself, which acquires unexpected beauty.

Atomium, Brussels
Atomium, Brussels