Central Perspective #1

Even though it may sound strange at first, one must admit that almost anything looks better if shot with a central perspective. There’s something special about the convergence of lines which, putting the observer at ease, conveys incredible harmony and elegance.

Here’s one shot of one of the tubes connecting the various spheres of the Atomium, in Brussels: not a particularly beautiful subject in itself, which acquires unexpected beauty.

Atomium, Brussels

Atomium, Brussels


3 thoughts on “Central Perspective #1

  1. Why do you prefer central subjects rather than more shifted ones? It is probably quite strange for a photographer, isn’t it? I’m curious about your philosophy.


    1. I’m glad you asked. Well, first of all I need to say that it depends on one’s personal taste. Then, I think it’s quite objective to say that a centred subject, with possibly all perspective lines converging in the middle, looks and feels more ordered, more elegant, than a composition with divergent lines and unbalanced elements. I’d say it’s a visual feeling rather than a philosophy. Just try to imagine this shot with the doorway somewhere in the far left of the composition: wouldn’t it look ‘uncomfortable’ to look at? It all depends on the way you want your photographs to look like: what do you personally think about that?


      1. Surely this subject does need to be in a central perspective so that the picture could be appreciated. It’s interesting that there is still someone who thinks art as a “research for order” too, completely going towards an opposite direction with regards to our age. Let me name this philosophy as a ‘classical’ tendency. Anyway I definitely think that each picture could have different perspectives and meanings associated, but I’d like to deliberate that probably there’s just one manner, one perspective which is deep-roted in the subject itself. Its research could be seen as the photographer’s challenge. Thank you for your reply.


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